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The Privacy Policy explains what personal user data is collected and stored on the platform, as well as under what conditions it can be used or shared with third parties. If you want to use, you must read and accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.

1. Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy (hereinafter — “Privacy Policy”) determines the Administration's responsibilities towards non-disclosure and protection of the confidentiality of personal data provided by the User on the Administration's request when register on (hereinafter — the “Platform”).

Privacy Policy refers to all information that the Platform can collect about a User while they are using the service (the “Service”). By registering on this Platform, the User consents to all terms of this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be amended by the Administration without prior notification. 

2. User's Personal Data
2.1. Key terms

Upon registration, the User provides the Administration with personal data. When registering and /or using the Service the Platform may automatically or with the participation of a User collect additional personal information, including IP-address, browser version, country, language, UTM parameters, partner's tags, address of a page's referrer, and other technical data, which can be used for identification of the User without taking additional measures.

2.2. Activity Data Tracking 

For the purposes of security and fraud prevention, when the User is logged into their Account the following activities are logged: date and time of signing in, date and time the password and e-mail were changed.

3. The Personal Data Collection Procedure

The main ways of receiving personal information from Users are as follows:
a) the User provides personal information directly (e.g., when registering on the Platform or using a payment system).
b) Personal Data is collected automatically when the User runs or uses the Platform, for example with the help of cookie files.

4. Personal Data Use

The Administration may use Personal Data provided to it by the User to:
a) Create an Account and Personal account in order to use the Platform.
b) Provide client service and technical support.
c) Send notices by e-mail, such as confirmation of registration, confirmation of password and/oe email change, any kind of reminders. These messages are mandatory from a technical point of view and cannot be cancelled for an active account.
d) Send promotional materials and advertising. Depending on how the User engages with the Platform, they may be sent individual marketing messages about products and services. To opt out from receiving these messages, the User must unsubscribe in the settings menu.

5. Storage of Data

The processing and storage of User's personal data will be carried out on the legal grounds during the time that the account exists. In the event that the account is deleted, some data may be stored insofar as it is necessary for fulfilling legal obligations, settling disputes, preventing fraud, and protecting the interests of the Administration.

The Administration takes all necessary technical and organizational precautions to protect User's personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, deletion or alteration, blocking, copying, disclosure, or other unauthorized actions of third parties.

In case of loss or disclosure of User's personal data, the Administration notifies the User about the fact of their personal data loss or disclosure.

6. Personal Data Collected by Users on Their Websites
6.1. General provisions

The Administration does not process personal data collected by the User on websites, and only provides the computing capacity that could be used for data collection. The Administration acts not as a "Controller" but as a "Processor" in the meaning of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

Data collected on the User's website is kept in their personal account for 30 days. This function is included by default and is aimed at improving user experience. The User is free to switch off this function at any time, change the amount of time their data is retained, change or delete data either in part or in full, and also to export data.

6.2. Responsibility of the User 

Should the User process third party data, the User is solely liable for taking appropriate measures for the protection of personal data, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws and regulations.

7. Managing Personal Data

The User can review, change or delete Personal data that was provided by the User by sending a relevant query to
For technical reasons, the information may not be deleted straight away, but with a delay. Please note that we may retain some of the information to the extent that is necessary for fulfilling legal obligations, resolving disputes, preventing fraud, and protecting the legitimate interests of the Administration.

8. User's Obligations

In relation to the User to the Administration, the User provides their personal data and keeps it up to date.
The User shall independently manage relationships with their Users in relation to the collected data.

9. Administration Obligations

The Administration undertakes to:
a) Use the information provided exclusively for the purposes set out in Clause 4 of this Privacy Policy.
b) Keep personal information confidential; not to disclose the User's personal information without prior written permission obtained from the User; not to sell, exchange, publish or disclose it by any other means, except for the means indicated in Clause 5 of this Privacy Policy.
c) Take measures to protect the confidentiality of User's personal information according to standard procedures.
d) Block the User's personal information immediately after receiving a request from the User or their legal representative or a relevant authority for the protection of the User's personal data while it is being checked in case invalid data or unauthorized activities are detected.

10. Contacts

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at We will respond within a reasonable amount of time.

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